In case you missed our showing of the Story of Stuff this afternoon- here’s the video.  More information is at Enjoy!

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  1. Matt

    Interesting video, obviously it is condemning materialism from a certain point of view.

    The example of externalizing costs is a bit exaggerated without taking into account such ideas as economies of scale and free market forces. In addition you are taking the perspective that globally everyone must live with the same high level of economic and social prosperity. It would be fantastic for everyone to have health care and eat healthy organic locally produced food but the reality is that our current system can not sustain such an environment, economically or otherwise.

    But I guess that is what the video is trying to say as well. On a side note, one could argue that our current very high level of health care and abundance of food was brought about by said consumerism, but that is a discussion for another time.


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